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Drop-Off & Pick-Up

Traffic around Harvest Park Middle School & Harvest Park Preschool can be difficult, but if we all follow the rules and treat each other nicely, we can make the situation much more bearable. Parking lots are going to be congested, so please set aside enough time to drop off your child. Make sure to follow all signage and to drive slowly in the parking lot.

The first step is to please be mindful of traffic rules, both on city streets and in the school parking lot, so that we can get our kids safely to and from school.

The only designated places to drop off and pick up students are in the front or side parking lots. Pick up should only occur in the lane nearest the school buildings. The drive-thru lanes (lanes farthest from the school buildings) must be kept clear of stopped or parked cars when students are being dropped off or picked up. If you need to get out of your car and/or if you are stopping for an extended period of time, please park your car. Cars stopped or parked in the drive-thru lanes will impede the flow of traffic and creates unsafe conditions for our students.

Do not drop off or pick up kids where the buses park. This area is for buses only. You may be ticketed by police if you use this area.

Ride the Bus

The valley's premier bus system, Wheels, is a fantastic way to get kids to and from school. Riding the bus saves time and money, plus it's good for the environment.

Use Human Power to Get to School

Get in shape after a summer of playing video games by using your muscles to get to school. Walk or ride a bike, scooter or skateboard to school. Be sure to wear a helmet if you ride wheeled transportation to school. Buckle your helmet, too. It doesn't do your noggin any good to have a loose helmet sitting on your head.


Please remind students to use marked crosswalks when crossing any streets or parking lots.


There are two parking lots that surround the school. Parents and visitors are allowed to park in any spaces that are not specially designated as staff parking.

The drive-thru lane must be kept clear of stopped or parked cars when students are being dropped off or picked up. Cars stopped or parked in the loop will impede the flow of traffic.