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MATHCOUNTS was established in 1983 with a purpose of providing middle
school students with challenging problems that promote logical thinking,
sharpen math skills and motivating students to continue to study and
appreciate mathematics.  Our team at Harvest Park had modest beginnings -
the first several years (late 90’s) we had about 10 participants.  It has grown
substantially and now we have tryouts for our competitive team.  In 1998, we
only competed in the MATHCOUNTS tournament - now we regularly
participate in nearly a dozen competitions during the year.

Tryouts for the competitive MATHCOUNTS team occur in September and
will consist of two tests.  The top 25 students overall will be invited to join -
additionally, the top 5 seventh graders not in the top 25 and the top 5 sixth
graders not in the top 25 will also be invited. 

If you're looking to challenge yourself and you want to learn, competitive
MATHCOUNTS may be a team you'll enjoy.  We meet Thursday after school
in my classroom (D-32) from late September through February.  Some weeks
we will learn from one another and many weeks will be spent competing.
Typical contests include Arete, AMC 8 and 10/12, MathWorks,
MATHCOUNTS, BAMO and Purple Comet. Look for information on tryouts in
September on HPTV as well as in your math classrooms.

For any other questions, please see Mr. Lomas.