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Our Staff


The Preschool Assessment Team and Teachers at the Harvest Park Preschool are professionals with advanced degrees. Each team member comes to Pleasanton Unified School District with training and experience in a variety of settings including hospitals, clinics, schools, treatment facilities, and regular education classrooms. Together, we have worked with hundreds of children, and as a team, we have been a driving force to attain and maintain a high level of quality education for preschool children with special needs in our district. The collaborative effort with one another provides an atmosphere that is consistent and professional. Our staff views education as a partnership between parents and teachers and believes that open communication fosters growth and development in each child and is the foundation of a successful school experience.

Our Staff - 2019-20

Room 1

Lynette Matallana


925-462-3325 x4801


Jennifer Malispina

Special Education Aide


Melissa Fitzgerald

Special Education Aide


Patti McKinley- Roach

Behavior Technician


Room 2

AmyMarie Decker


925-462-3325 x4802


Suzy Jennings

Preschool Assistant


Ladan Murray

Behavior Technician


Room 3

Shannon Montano


925-462-3325 x4803


Huishu Liu

Preschool Assistant


Juthika Kardile

Special Education Aide


Room 4

Kristen DeFina


925-462-3325 x4802


Linda Hansen

Preschool Assistant


Patty Boyd

Behavior Technician


Room 9

Erin Dorff


925-462-3325 x4813


Linda Wood

Preschool Assistant


Margie Tang

Behavior Technician


Room 5

Emily Knaggs


Language Pathologist &

Program Specialist

925-462-3325 x4805

Room 6

Lori Yagi-Doi

Speech/ Language Pathologist

925-462-3325 x4806


Room 7

Theresa Johnstone

School Psychologist

925-462-3325 x4807

Room 8

Carolyn Glynn

Speech/ Language Pathologist

925-462-3325 x4808

Room 10

Kim Hunt

Adapted Physical Education Specialist & Embedded Instruction Coach

925-462-3325 x4811