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The preschool team and district administration met to discuss some of the needs and issues that occurred with the reopening of school last year from CDC guidance, implementation of district initiatives, and plus what worked or did not work Pre-COVID. The team expressed the need to have appropriate time to pick up and drop off students to their parents, appropriate staff coverage for student needs the whole day and also to get the classroom ready from change of AM to PM sessions. The new schedule for 2021/2022 school year provides a one hour gap between groups and this will address the following:

  • Pick up/late parent pick up from AM group (Walking each student outside the gate to parent)
  • Resetting classrooms for PM groups 
  • AM/PM sessions will be fully staffed for the students’ entire school day. Making for a more equitable and quality learning environment. 
Students with IEPs will attend most days during the week to meet IEP goals. See schedule below:
SPED Schedule
iPals students will attend 4 days a week:
iPals Schedule