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Safety Measures

Some safety measures outlined in the PUSD reopening plan and at Harvest Park are:

  1. District has modified the HVAC system at all schools to allow for a minimum 50% outside air intake. The units will be set to run continuously during school hours. All units are upgraded to MERV 13 filters. Teachers and staff will be encouraged to open exterior doors and operable windows when safe to increase outside airflow. The district has procured HEPA Air Purifiers.
  2. Set up of the campus to maintain social distancing and limit student sharing
  3. District has set up PPE coordinators at each site to make sure staff have access to necessary PPE
  4. Coordination of cleaning schedules to make sure high contact areas are cleaned regularly.

We will be reviewing safety procedures and routines with your student during the first week of school. Here is an introductory video welcoming you back and how we can support each other with a safe reopening!

Harvest Park Reopening Video Slidedeck

Mask Wearing

We are asking families to please send their child to school with a mask on. If you can put their name on the mask, that will help the staff match the mask to the correct student should it come off. We are providing two masks per student, and have extra disposable masks should your child need it. We are expecting students to wear their masks the entire time they are at school, but understand it is a learning experience to keep a mask on.

mask wearing

Keep working to help your child put on his or her own mask.

I made a video with the help of our great staff (and my special guest) to show how to wear a mask properly to keep everyone safe.

Link to Video

Washing Our Hands! 


Along with mask wearing, washing our hands will be a great barrier to spreading disease. Students will have opportunities to wash their hands at sinks in the classroom and in the bathroom as well as access to hand sanitizer at student stations and at entry ways. Per our reopening plan, we are asking students and staff to wash their hands (or use sanitizer) in these situations and any others they feel keep the students and staff clean:

  • Arrival to the classroom and after breaks
  • Before and after preparing food or drinks
  • Before and after eating or handling food, or feeding children
  • Before and after administering medication or medical ointment
  • After using the bathroom 
  • After coming in contact with bodily fluid
  • After playing outdoors
  • After handling garbage

Ms. Hurtado, another site Vice-Principal at Harvest Park, shows us where we can see hand sanitizer around campus and in the classroom:

hand washing And our friends at Fairlands Elementary made a great video on how to wash your hands while singing your ABCs, so PLEASE watch and then wash together!

Dropping Off / Pick Up

As part of our COVID Safety Plan, we need to explain how students and staff will enter the campus (ingress) and leave the campus (egress). We have staggered our class times so that we can line up families in a safe manner outside until it is time to enter campus or pick up your student.


8:30 am - 11:30 am Ms. Dorff’s and Ms. DeFina’s classes (Purple and Blue Fish)

9:00 am - 12:00 pm Ms. Matallana’s, Ms. Decker’s, and Ms. Montano’s classes (Orange, Yellow and Red Fish)


Please arrive 10-15 minutes early so you can line up and be ready. 

Please watch the video that shows the map of the campus and how we will drop off and pick up our students. 

If you are late to dropping off, please call the HPMS front office at 925-426-4444 so they can call the classroom and a staff member can come out. Line up at the end of the line for the station your class is assigned to. Please maintain social distancing. 

If you need to pick up your child early, please notify your teacher when dropping off and/or call the front office so they can notify the classroom to walk your child out to the gate.

PLEASE DO NOT enter the gate unless escorted by a staff member. We have limited access to outside visitors at this time.

Thank you for taking time to understand all of our procedures!