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Special Education

At Harvest Park, we have a wide variety of programs to meet the needs of every child. For students who have already been identified, the Individualized Educational Planning (IEP) team determines the appropriate  placement, services, accomodations and modifications for middle school.  Parents work closely, and collaboratively with our special education teachers, who also serve as the child’s case manager. The case manager sets up the annual IEP meeting and any necessary assessments for a Triennial review.

Our current available special education services include: Resource courses in Math and Language Arts in grades 6-8, Speech and Language Therapy (SLP), behavior support, Adaptive Physical Education (APE) services and other services as included in each child’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP).

If  your child is struggling in school and you suspect he/she has a potential disability that meets upon one of the thirteen disability categories,  then please contact our counseling department to set up an initial Student Study Team (SST) meeting. Our counselors will set up a meeting that includes your child’s current teachers, administrator and of course the school counselor! During this meeting we will discuss your child’s academic strengths, challenges and next steps. We will set up an action plan that includes interventions, and put these interventions into effect for the next 6-8 weeks. After that time, if improvement has not been made, then we will likely hold a second SST meeting, and invite our special education specialist and/or school psychologist to the meeting.

If the team believes an assessment for special education services is appropriate, then we will draft an assessment plan. The  assessment plan will include assessment pieces for all areas of suspected disability. This assessment typically includes academic and psychological assessments, and occasionally assessments in the areas of speech and language, or other areas. By law, the team has 60 calendar days to complete the assessment once the assessment plan has been signed by the parents/guardians. Once the assessment is complete, the team will reconvene to go over the results and discuss appropriate services given the new information.

If a student’s eligibility for Special Education services is established, then learning goals and objectives are determined. Lastly, placement options are reviewed to determine the appropriate type of level of service. Students of any disability may be served in any placement option. However, students classified as speech impaired are most often enrolled in the Speech and Language program. Students who are determined to have a specific learning disability are often enrolled in the Resource Specialist Program (RSP), and students with other learning disabilities may range from receiving services in a Resource Program to a mild to moderate Special Day Class, to a Developmentally Delayed Special Day class.

Our school district is also part of the Tri-Valley Selpa. Please see the district web site, as well as the Tri-Valley Selpa Site for more information about our special education programs.

Special Education Department Chair:
Renee Verostek (SDC Tecaher)