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Harvest Park offers support for our English Language Learners so that they may develop both academically and socially. Harvest Park has 21 different languages spoken with our diverse student body. We identify our EL students during registration and determine English proficiency using the English Language Proficiency Assessments for California (ELPAC)

All English Learners (EL) take general education classes in math, science, PE, and electives. If a student needs more support in gaining English proficiency based on ELPAC scores, then he/she will be scheduled for English Language Development classes and Sheltered History instead of general ed ELA/History block classes. The goal of the ELD program is to develop reading and writing skills across the language arts and history curriculum. This class offers English learners an opportunity to explore American culture, practice speaking and focus on reading to increase comprehension and vocabulary. The standards-based instruction addresses the proficiency levels of all students in all four areas of language development: Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening.  

Click on the link to read the district’s policy about education for English language learners.

English Learner Team of Harvest Park:
Gigi Kruse-Silva (admin); Sarah Peterson (ELD 2 teacher); Laura Bolin (ELD 1 Teacher)