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Harvest Park offers the English language learners (ELL) class for second-language learners so that they may develop both academically and socially. Each ELL-identified student will have two classes of language arts and one class of history. The goal of the program is to develop reading and writing skills across the language arts and history curriculum. This class offers English learners an opportunity to explore American culture, practice speaking and focus on reading to increase comprehension and vocabulary. The standards-based instruction addresses the proficiency levels of all students. Placement in the ELL class is required for all students scoring below a level 5 on the CELDT (California English Language Development Test).

Sheltered-English and History Block

This class offers students the opportunity to develop reading, writing, listening and speaking skills across the Language Arts and History curricula. The ELD class is a component of the block class for English Language Learners (ELL).

English Language Development (ELD)

English Learners are offered the opportunity to explore American culture, practice speaking, and focus on reading, listening and writing to increase comprehension and vocabulary.

Click on the link to read the district’s policy about education for English language learners.

English Language Liaison: Christine Garcia