Mrs. Susan King runs our library at Harvest Park.  The Library is open during both lunch periods as well as before and after school. Students may work on homework, do research, and check out books.


During the school day, teachers sign up during their class periods to bring their students to the library. They learn how to access books, conduct research, and find literature that matches their individual interests.


Our library features an automated catalog and circulation system, comfortable seating and work areas, and recreational reading books for all interests and levels. Please visit our Harvest Park Library Catalog and sign-on through your Google account to access all our e-books, or search for more information and resources.


The library will also be open after school four times per week for FREE PEER TUTORING on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 3:15-4:15. Check out the HP Teen Tutoring Page for more information or contact the teachers below.


The Peer Tutoring program is lead by: 


Ms. Chelsea Brazil

Mrs. Roselie Woods