School Policies

The Student Discipline Plan and Dress Code can also be found in each student’s organizer. At the beginning of each school year, the administrators and counseling department coordinate grade level assemblies to discuss school wide expectations, the sexual harassment policy, and ways to prevent, stand up to, and respond to the various types of bullying. School wide norms and additional policies are explained throughout the school year on HPTV, Harvest Park’s Daily News Broadcast.

When students have been sent to the main office with a referral the Principal and/or Vice Principal speak with each student (or group of students) and try to resolve the issue as quickly and thoroughly as possible. Middle School is an age where students are growing, physically, socially, emotionally and behaviorally. It is one of our goals to help students become responsible, respectful and engaged world citizens, and as such, we expect our students to maintain a certain level of behavior while they are on campus and interacting with other students and staff.


The Board of Trustees believes that one of the major functions of the public schools is the preparation of youth for responsible citizenship.  The district shall foster a learning environment that reinforces the concepts of self-discipline and the acceptance of personal responsibility.  In order to maintain an environment conducive to attaining the highest of quality of education in the district, their must exist certain disciplinary policies and regulations relating to pupil conduct which delineate acceptable behavior and provide the basis for sound disciplinary practices within each school in the district.  (Education Code 35291.5)  The schools shall not tolerate any comments or gestures that denigrate other on account of sex, race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, handicap or disadvantage.  Pupils shall be subject to disciplinary procedures for bullying other pupils or for using insults, slurs, or fighting words which may disrupt school activities.  These policies and regulations will be enforced fairly and uniformly and consistently without regard to race, creed, color, sex, or physical or mental handicaps.

For more information about the Pleasanton Unified School District’s Discipline plan, Police Involvement on School Campuses, Code of Pupil Conduct, Sexual Harassment, Due Process, and the Expulsion Process please visit our District Website under PUSD Pupil Services.

If you have any questions, please contact the main office. Thank you!