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The Patriot Path

Following the Patriot Path is part of Harvest Park’s comprehensive character education program.

Our program aligns with the Pleasanton Unified School District’s (PUSD) strategic plan from 1999,which specified that the school district was committed to developing curriculum, creating an atmosphere, and modeling behavior that instills personal, social and civic responsibility.

Based on a community-wide survey, six expected behaviors were identified as the essential components for a child’s development:  Compassion, Honesty, Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, andSelf-Discipline. At Harvest Park, we refer to these character traits as CHRRIS (with two R’s).

When PUSD formalized these six behaviors of character education in its strategic plan, the district united with the City of Pleasanton, Chamber of Commerce, the Faith Community, and the Youth Master Plan Committee to create the “Community of Character” program. The goal was for the entire community of Pleasanton to come together to inspire understanding, raise awareness and build good habits of action that would support Pleasanton schools in their efforts to teach students character and to help them internalize the expected behaviors

Harvest Park’s character education program  utilizes these six community-identified character traits as the foundation of its core values for demonstrating good character. As a site, faculty, staff and students have learned to, “Follow the Patriot Path” when someone is in need, and to reflect on our own personal interactions with each other in order to ensure we are always acting with character. Our character education program is designed to be an intentional, comprehensive and proactive approach to developing character and helps make Harvest Park a special place to be.