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COVID Safety Measures

Some safety measures put in place at Harvest Park that continue this year:

  1. District has modified the HVAC system at all schools to allow for a minimum 50% outside air intake. The units will be set to run continuously during school hours. All units are upgraded to MERV 13 filters. Teachers and staff will be encouraged to open exterior doors and operable windows when safe to increase outside airflow. The district has procured HEPA Air Purifiers.
  2. District has set up PPE coordinators at each site to make sure staff have access to necessary PPE
  3. Coordination of cleaning schedules to make sure high contact areas are cleaned regularly.

We will be reviewing safety procedures and routines with your student during the first week of school.



COVID Liaison:

Nicole Hurtado


PPE Coordinator:

Gigi Kruse-Silva

Wear face covering correctly (over your nose and mouth)  
  • Use the face covering to help protect others in case you are infected but don’t have symptoms

Take off your face covering carefully

  • Cloth face coverings should be washed after use every day
    • If you are wearing a disposable face mask, after use you may bag it for 7 days (this is being very cautious, some guidelines may say 1-2 days) and then reuse it.  Do not reuse if soiled or no longer provides a snug fit.
  • Clean face shields after use every day according to manufacturer’s instructions. 
  • Face shields must be worn with a mask

Student Compliance Regarding Mask Wearing:

  • Teachers will instruct students on proper mask wearing protocol upon initial return to in-person learning and as-needed.
  • When students are not correctly wearing masks, they will be directed to adhere to the mask wearing guidelines.
  • For students who refuse to wear a mask correctly after being coached and instructed on proper mask wearing, parents will be notified and must pick up the student in a timely manner.
  • Students who routinely do not comply with required mask wearing procedures will be placed in our remote learning program.
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Students will have access to hand washing in the bathrooms as well as hand sanitizer in every classroom.