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School Facilities and Maintenance

School Facilities & Maintenance


The district takes great efforts to ensure that all schools are clean, safe, and functional through proper facilities maintenance and campus supervision. Harvest Park Middle School’s original facilities were built in 1968; ongoing maintenance and campus improvements ensure facilities remain up to date and provide adequate space for students and staff. District maintenance and site custodial staff ensure that the repairs necessary to keep the school in good condition are completed in a timely manner. A work order process is used by school and district staff to communicate non-routine maintenance requests.


Every morning before school begins, the custodian inspects facilities for safety hazards or other conditions that need attention prior to students and staff entering school grounds. One day custodian and three evening custodians are assigned to Harvest Park Middle School. The day custodian is responsible for:


• Classroom cleaning
• Cafeteria setup/cleanup/groundskeeping
• Office area cleaning
• Restroom cleaning


Restrooms are checked throughout the day for cleanliness and subsequently cleaned as needed. The evening custodians are responsible for:


• Classroom cleaning

• Office area cleaning

• Restroom cleaning  

• Event setup/cleanup


The principal communicates with custodial staff daily concerning maintenance and school safety issues.


Deferred Maintenance


Harvest Park Middle School participates in the State School Deferred Maintenance Program, which provides dollar-for-dollar matching funds to assist school districts with major repairs or replacement of existing school building components. Deferred maintenance projects generally include roofing, plumbing, heating, air conditioning, electrical systems, interior/exterior painting, and floor systems. During the 2010-11 school year, Harvest Park Middle School received a portion of $269,264 in deferred maintenance funds for the repair and/or maintenance of:


• Roofing
• Plumbing
• Heating/Air Conditioning Systems
• Floor Systems
• Other Systems


Facilities Inspection


The district’s maintenance department inspects Harvest Park Middle School on an annual basis in accordance with Education Code §17592.72(c)(1). Harvest Park Middle School uses a school site inspection survey to identify unsafe or hazardous conditions and facility improvement needs. The most recent school inspection took place on Thursday, September 08, 2011. Deficiencies noted in the school inspection survey were corrected immediately by the district’s maintenance department. During fiscal year 2010-11, all restrooms were fully functional and available for student use.


Rating Description

Exemplary: The school meets most or all standards of good repair. Deficiencies noted, if any, are not significant and/or impact a very small area of the school.