With the national election season over, now it’s time to VOTE for what PPIE should fund at your school! With your great support at August School Registration and PPIE's recent, successful Fall Gala, it’s time to choose how those funds should be used.  VOTING IS OPEN UNTIL DECEMBER 31.  Each year, PPIE works with your PTA, school and PUSD leadership to identify key Supplemental Staff (librarians, student intervention specialists, support counselors, onsite IT specialists, etc.) for funding.  As parents funded about 75% of the $644,000 PPIE allocated to schools last year ( we leverage business support for the rest), we want your voice!  PPIE funds are allocated for STAFF directly to your school, in accordance with your school priorities and to complement your PTA/PFC’s funding of STUFF (school materials and IT, activities and parent/teacher development). So please go to and take our survey to vote!  And, to ensure transparency with all our funding, we invite you to view the Funding section on our website about what PPIE funds, how Pleasanton schools are funded, where your tax dollars go and how Pleasanton ranks with other schools.  Thanks for your support!  Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions.  VOTING IS OPEN UNTIL DECEMBER 31!