PPIE Run and Spring Push

Thanks to all for joining PPIE’s 5th Annual Run for Education - which hosted 3,000 people and raised $100,000 for our schools.  Thank you! Now we are closing out the year with a final Spring Push to raise funds for extra staffing in our schools.  For this campaign, families are asked to donate $100 of which 100% will fund 2 extra ‘classified staff’ hours per day at each elementary and middle school for the coming 2017/2018 school year.  These funds will be added to existing PPIE funds (including those from our Run) to fund either a Library Assistant (to keep our libraries open longer) or a Site Tech Specialist (to keep our technology running effectively for teachers and students).  Each school will select the position which bests suits that school and these hours will be added to the 5 hours/day for library assistants and 6 hours/day for site tech specialists that PUSD already provides. (Note that for this school year, PPIE will continue to provide high schools with a lump sum donation to fund technology in the classroom.)  Please visit www.ppie.org/donate to learn more and to consider a donation by May 5 for use in the coming school year.  Thank you for your support in creating a great school experience for our students!