8th grade End of the Year Packet

Hello 8th grade families, 

On Friday your student was sent home with a packet regarding the 8th grade End of Year activities.  Here are the slides that were shared as well.  We have a few corrections that need to be made:

1) The date of the Promotion Dance will be 5/19/23 (not 5/29)

2) Please disregard the pink dance form. We are going to be moving to an online permission slip through Future Fund. 
3) We would also like to make note that the ticket donation is $30 (not $20), we apologize for the confusion. 

We will be sending updated information regarding the Promotion dance soon.  The donation and permission slip will all be completed on Future Fund, which will open after Spring Break.  Stay tuned!

If you student did not receive their 8th grade End of the Year packet, please have them ask their 1st period teacher for it on Monday.

Tessie Gonsalves