Lego League Challenge 2022-2023

This year 5 students from Harvest Park Middle School and 1 student from Fallon Middle School formed a rookie team to participate in the First Lego League Challenge 2022-2023 North East Regional Championship. They are known as the Power Potatoes.

This team participated in the Qualifiers in Nov '22 and won the 1st place award for the Best Robot Design. They were selected for the Championship challenge that was held on 15th Jan’23. At the Championship challenge, they won the 1st place award for Best Innovation Project, on the topic ‘Re-imagine energy sources for the future’, and got 3rd highest score in their Robot game. They also won the kids choice award for Best Innovation. They have been selected to present their project at the NorCal Innovation Expo in Mar '23.

We are hoping they get nominated to participate at the National Level Championship and that they come out with flying colors at the Innovation Expo in March.

The team has come up with an idea to generate electricity from Seismic waves using piezoelectric material. They have created a prototype of the generator which simulates Seismic waves and shows electricity generation with LED bulbs lighting up real time.

And this is the Power Potatoes team:

Adithya Mahesh (7th Grade HPMS)

Dakshesh Senthilraja (6th Grade HPMS)

Damodar Kriplani (6th Grade HPMS)

Madhav Shrawan (6th Grade HPMS)

Parantap Sodhi (7th Grade FMS)

Prisha Jain (8th Grade HPMS)

They are coached by Vijaya Priya Mani, Senthil Raja Velu and Sandesh Kumar Sodhi. They also have an amazing mentor Devesh Senthilraja who is a freshman at Amador Valley High School and has participated in the National Level Championship for 2 years. 

Kudos to the team and best wishes for upcoming events.”