From the Principal's Desk --Lunchtime Attendance

I hope this is a fantastic Wednesday for you and yours.  I am emailing to give a quick midweek update.  We will be having 'coffee' with the principal tonight at 6 pm.  Please come by the Zoom room - LINK.  I'll be answering questions and hanging out with y'all. 

We are also going to start our lunchtime attendance routines tomorrow, Thursday September 2nd.  The goal is to make sure we know where students are sitting to better do contact tracing and to ensure student safety.  HERE is a link to the entire process.  Basically, students can use their computer and/or a phone to scan/use the URL on a cone sitting on a table or under a tent.  They will be sent to a Google form where they will enter their name, ID, and cone number.  This will time-stamp where they were.  Students get to choose where they sit, however, each cone has a maximum capacity.  This allows for student choice, as well as keeping us informed.  Yesterday we had a lesson during Access and students were able to go through the process with ease.  Campus supervisors and administrators will be nearby to help out.  Students will even scan in when they are playing basketball or eating in the garden!

Hope to see you tonight!