Harvest Park's Souper Bowl of Caring Drive Collects Record Amount of Donations for Open Heart Kitchen

We did it! We broke our previous record of $2,500.00. Harvest Park's 2020 Souper Bowl of Caring Drive donations total: drum roll, please... $4,175.00! The efforts and enthusiasm of our Leadership students, student body, staff and parents will benefit many needy people. Two particularly inspiring stories are that a certain Science teacher, who tried her best to remain anonymous, dressed up as Shrek to motivate her students to donate. And donate they did! Mrs. Jennifer East and her classes raised nearly $2,200.00! Would you eat a live cricket on a dare? Well, Mr. Schoenfeld must have been "triple-dog" dared by Jacob Paden! He ate the cricket and his class donations came pouring in! We also had the highest participation ever. Each class came through to tackle hunger. Here is a thank you note from OHK:
Dear Lynn,
We can't thank Harvest Park students, staff and families enough for supporting Open Heart Kitchen. We truly appreciate all of the hard work you do for the Souper Bowl of Caring Drive.
With gratitude,
Heather Greaux
Executive Director
Open Heart Kitchen
Please click on the link to view the OHK Annual Report. It is alarming to learn how many people are in need of meals in the Tri-Valley area.