Thank You from PPIE - $711,000 to our schools

Thanks to our parent and business supporters, PPIE will donate over $700,000 to Pleasanton schools this year! Due to business matching and support, each school receives MORE in funding each year than they donate. Please visit our website at to see: a fun summary video of our impact; what we can fund for the coming year; and to VOTE on what you would like us to fund.  If you would like to join this effort, please contact us at - we are recruiting PPIE Ambassadors (at least 1 per grade level) for a few hours each year to build a vibrant community to support our schools.  And please support PPIE and your local parent club (PTA/PTSA/PFC) at August Registration.  Thank you again and have a great summer!
HPMS AMBASSADORS NEEDED for PPIE! We need 6th, 7th and 8th-grade parents to volunteer as ambassadors. PPIE benefits the students and staff of Harvest Park through student and teacher grants, funding for intervention specialists, site techs and librarians, to name a few. To volunteer, please contact Harvest Park's staff ambassador, Lynn Gatehouse at
THANK YOU, KELLY FRENCH! We would like to thank Kelly French, our awesome substitute teacher and Harvest Park Parent Ambassador. She is also a member of the PPIE Executive Board. We appreciate all that she has done for our school, as well as for "running" PPIE's Run for Education.